Friday, July 14, 2006

The Choices Women Make

While reading doug's recent blog entry about Britney Spears, I, once again, had too much to say. So, once again, I decided to post the "director's cut" of my commentary here:

'doug said: "She's become nothing but trashy since the two of them [Britney and Kevin Federline] got together."

West said: I don't think Britney became trashy, after or as a result of her husband, any more than Whitney became ghetto because of hers.

I'm confident that both already had more in-common with their men than their rose-colored-glasses-wearing audiences would prefer to admit.

As old as Whitney is, though, people are still blaming Bobby Brown for her choices. I guess I shouldn't expect Britney's situation to be any different.'
As I've said in previous blog entries, women aren't just children that we try to give a little freedom and treat like adults, once in a while. They are adults who choose to get with people who do some of the same fucked-up (or even wonderful) kinds of things that they like to do.

Obviously, none of us have to like those choices, but they are owned by the women who make them.


Chosen said...

I have to disagree with you--biblically the only thing that G-d really talks about is serving him wholeheartedly and not hooking up with the wrong people-there are things that remain where they are in us as long as we stay away from the things and people the will bring those things out. While the men are not to blame and the decision was hers--those men have had a effect in the wrong direction for both women.

West said...

Welcome, chosen.

We agree that the men are not to blame and that the decisions were their wives', so I'm not seeing a whole lot of disagreement.

Sounds good, t'me! :p

SkipSevenSix said...

I think it's safe to say that someone can influence how one acts. And since Federline and Spears have been together, the decision she's made, and the way she acts and dresses seems trashy.

The decision in the end is hers, but the influence is still there.

You don't think it's funny that when she was with Timberlake, she acted one way, and now that she's with Federline, she acts another.

West said...

Welcome, skipsevensix. You've got a point.

'I think it's safe to say that someone can influence how one acts,' too, but I've seen no signs that he's influencing her in the ways many suggest. All I see is a grown woman doing what she wants to do.

* I didn't see him keeping her from wearing shoes as she used that nasty public restroom.
* I didn't see him forcing her to hold the baby while she drove.
* I also didn't see him picking out her pregnant-apparel and forcing a cigarette into her mouth.

I think she had one image before and another image, now that she's no longer virginal, single, or under the age of 24.

So no, I don't really think it's funny that this young adult celebrity supposedly acted one way years, ago, and another way, now she's married, maternal, and matured (well, 2-of-3, anyway).

I DO think it's funny that some folks are so quick to blame the change in her on the most convenient source... unless someone's got some evidence to that effect.