Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why protect employees from 2nd-hand smoke, but not kids?

In a lot of places of business, it's illegal to smoke indoors. One reason for that seems to be the risk to the health of the employees - those who are there the most often, but have the least amount of power.

I've hardly heard about ANY legislation to make it illegal to smoke in an enclosed area in the presence of children, but it seems to follow the same principle. Maybe even moreso.

I've seen (and been one of those) children in smokey cars and hazy living rooms during parties and card games. They have no choice but to suck up all of that second-hand smoke.

That bothers me.

Actually, it just pisses me off.

Your thoughts?


asdf said...

I hate smoke. If you smoke, you should only be allowed to if you are in your house or car. Other then that, it's rude.

I can remember walking into class at my previous college and walking through smoke. That's ignorant making people walk through all that.

Even at my girfriend's house. I feel rude leaving, but I can't stay in the same room for more then 5 minutes due to her mom's smoking. I can't breath and it dries my mouth out.

In sumation, I hate smoking.

West said...

My grandmother sneaks a puff or two hundred in from time-to-time. I have no compunctions about gettin' the hell out of Dodge when she or her company does that.

They want me to stay at the house when I visit, but it'd be nice if visiting and breathing weren't mutually exclusive.

Hell, I'm already tempted to find a hotel/motel due to the nookie factor. In fact, I think I feel a blog post or thread comin' on.

ProfessorGQ said...

I agree with your concern. First of all, if smokers aren't so concerned about their own health, they could show some respect for the people they are around.